T’was The Night Before D&D

I can’t take credit for it, and credit is linked down below. I thought this was cute and wanted to share it with everybody here. Hope to see more material from these guys!

santa hatTwas the night before D&D and all through the house,
every creature was stirring, and that mouse wasn’t a mouse.

The dice bags were placed on the table with trays,
in hopes that the DM would come with big plays.

The character sheets, with penciled in stats,
and the greatest adventurers tucked in their hats.

The host in a panic and me with my books,
got it all together, while exchanging looks.

When from the front door, there arose a loud knock.
The players were here! And this new game would rock!

I ran to the door in my best nerdy shirt,
“When the DM smiles, everybody gets hurt”.

The mood music was set and we all settled in,
“When we last left our team…” let adventures begin.

We scoured the dungeon and looted the gold,
fighting demons and zombies never gets old.

Our checks were all aced, the DM threw down,
We now faced a boss in a dark evening gown!

“Ha ha, you adventurers think you can win?!
How could you even know the trouble your in!”

All of a sudden, we heard a great rumble.
The walls around us were taking a tumble.

Time to run, time to dive, use all of our skills.
But when we reached the gate we hadn’t had our fill.

Still, its 8 am and I have a big day.
Don’t worry, we all will be free Saturday.

We packed up our books, and our dice and our trays.
We will meet again and D&D for days!

The DM exclaimed as he drove out of sight,
“Happy gaming to all, and to all a good fight!”

Written by Mudd and Dash over at : muddndash.com

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DM Patrick

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