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I, DM Patrick, have gone through and redacted or changed a few of the adult terms because I want this site to always be family-friendly. If ever you find anything that I post here to be something that you wouldn’t want your child to read, please let me know and I’ll mark it as such or outright remove it. These horror stories are otherwise unedited and I take no credit for them.

Today I’ve gathered five small posts you can read real quick. Each have something in common, though. Let me know below what you think it is.

DM killed a guy because he talked

from user : PawPrintLion

There were 5 people in this group, two of them were new players and didn’t talk much, then there was a guy who was super into all things DnD then the DM. I’ll call the super obsessed guy SG. So we were in this dungeon that was a tower and I have to admit that SG really wouldn’t shut up. But we get into this room and at this point everyone’s pretty low on stuff and SG is unconscious. So the DM is describing the room and he says that there’s something that looks like an altar table. So we go up to inspect it. The DM tells us that if we killed someone on this table that it would turn the room into a healing room. So we all decide to keep going and just knock unconscious the next thing we find. Then the DM says that it has to be a party member. Keep in mind that at this point SG’s character is unconscious. So we decide not to kill his character and wait until he wakes up. But at this point the DM says that we have to ROLL to decide if we vote to kill him or not. So we all had to roll a d4. On a roll of 1-2, we voted to kill him, on a roll of 3 we were neutral and only on a roll of 4 did we vote against killing him. So we managed to roll a 1, a 3 and a 4. So at this point it was even. So now the DM says “SG magically wakes up and now has a vote.” So SG says that he votes against killing himself. But the DM says at this point that he has to roll as well. So he ends up rolling a 1 and we have to kill him. Neither SG or I ever came back.

Player kills 7 innocent people and then gets mad at me for locking him up for the rest of the campaign

from user: Quote_The_Robot

This was my first time dming at a local game store, it was a youth dnd event and, as you could guess, I was one of the youth, but besides that we had a few other people and our problem player. So the players come into a city and go to a potion shop, to get some annoying teenagers out of the store, and KILL 4 OF THE TEENAGERS and like three guardsmen. I imprison the problem player, who was a lizardfolk, went livid on me and started accusing other people for killing them (they didn’t) and tries to break out of prison (unsuccessfully I might add) and begins to yell at me for “not playing fairly” he killed 7 people and is yelling at me for “not playing fairly” the rest of the session was fun, well as fun as you can get when the problem player is trying to ruin it for everyone else

DM Patrick: It sounds like Quote The Robot was a young DM here, but I’m very glad they had the presence of mind and maturity to do SOMETHING to address the problem player rather than letting it ride and allowing them to ruin more sessions.

My DM made a racial slur mean ‘hello’ in his world

from user: Karkroth

Hey everyone. Long time lurker but I never expected to be a poster but it got too out of hand. I honestly hope my now ex group sees this. Anyway so I have been playing dnd since 5th edition came out and have had multiple groups. Last semester of college I made a new group with some classmates. I only knew one of them but he invited me to his already established group. They were pretty alright to play with but overall didn’t take the time there too seriously. Which to me is kind of a bummer because i hardly knew these guys and I was there primarily for DnD anyway.

One thing to get out of the way is we are all white dudes. They have jokingly said racial slurs to each other before which I do condemn, but i continued to play with them regardless. That is until the joke went too far. The DM has mentioned before that the N word doesn’t even exist in his world until he just retconned it in. He made the word suddenly exist and it meant what everyone in the world said to just greet each other. After one full session of everyone just saying the slur and me being visibly uncomfortable. I announced that I was leaving the campaign. Everyone called me a pussy and said that they were just joking around and to not take it too seriously. I was pissed but I didn’t want to just go off on them. I just got my stuff and left.

On the way home I saw notifications of everyone leaving the discord group popping up, I assume to make a new chat or something.

TLDR; Old DnD group made the N word a common greeting in his world…

Sexist DM tries to force players hate his one female NPC.

from user: Munny_P

It was my first ever game, I had watched various RPG livestreams and was very interested in joining a campaign. So some friends and I sought out a DM since none of us knew how to run a game. At work, when talking about my desire to play, a co-worker of mine said that he was an experienced DM and even had his own world setting that he had run in the past. He was notorious for stretching the truth, so I took his claims and level of experience with a grain of salt. However, I was eager to get a game going, so I figured I’d give him a shot, we arranged a session.

My roommates and I host the game at our apartment. I played a paladin, one roommate a sorcerer, the other roommate a bard and another coworker of mine played a fighter. The game begins and we are inexplicably dumped in the middle of an open field, none of our characters know each other and there are nearby NPC’s being attacked by creatures that look like giant goblins (a home-brew race of the DM’s design). We complete the encounter, and I RP some bullshit reason why all of our characters should stick together since we weren’t really given a reason. Everyone agrees, I’m eager to get to the nearest town. We make it to the nearest town, some war-torn barricaded crater with buildings in it, and find the adventurers guild. We are introduced to a female commander NPC named Farah who seems pretty rad, she seems cold and battle hardened and a total badass. The PCs hit it off with her and she gives us a quest.

I’m going to skip over the quests, because they were all very dull. It became very evident very quickly that the DM had very little prepared. Essentially all of the quests we were given were “go here, kill this” missions and they all took place in open, flat fields against the same giant goblin creatures, just more of them each time. It was very frustrating, but that’s not the worst part of this story, so, moving on.

We continue to operate out of the crater-town and take quests from Farah, who out of no where expresses interest in sleeping with every PC. The bard (of course) is the only to accept. We all think the NPC is great regardless. So, as the bard and Farah are in the bard’s room. we get to talking with other NPC’s around town, and all any of them seem to want to talk about is how Farah is “a slut” or “a whore” (his words, not mine). We think she’s cool as shit, so we defend her saying “what she decides to do with her body is her own business”. The DM seems frustrated and tries to lure us away from Farah with male quest-givers. But Farah’s our homie, so we stick with her.

At this point, the DM really ramps up her overt sexuality. which is fine, but it was clear to all of us that the DM wanted us to dislike her. We keep on taking quests from her. About four sessions into the game, we come back from a quest with the spoils of our easy victory, and Farah is just straight up naked in the adventurers guild and tries to seduce us. We just act as if it’s all normal and hand her a cut of the reward. The DM totally breaks character, his voice cracks as he asks us “WhY dO yOu GuYs EvEn LiKe Her?”. After this, we can tell he doesn’t want to play any more, so we call it a day and never arrange another session.

Later I learned from other coworkers that weren’t involved in the game that the DM is a blatant sexist, who often talks about how all women are whores and badmouths the female employees behind their backs. Not too long after our game ended, he was fired for this very behaviour.

I am now in a different long-running campaign with a lot of the same people, the encounters are more varied and the DM is not a sexist and all is well.

Being “that guy” to thwart “that guy”

from user: throwaway1648936 

This happened a years ago so not exactly verbatim on the dialogue. Also, on mobile, throw away account in case they’re on here, etc.. TL;DR at the bottom

I have a friend who’s like a sister to me. We’ve known each other since we were babies and she’s actually the one who introduced me to d&d. Her family ended up moving but we still saw each other a few times a year for long weekends and stuff.

During one of these weekends we went to a local shop and decided to join an open game of d&d 5e They were just starting a one shot campaign and we quickly rolled up our characters. My friend was a elven bard and I was a half orc barbarian. In the party there was also an edgelord theifling rogue, who will be the center of this story, and a dwarven Ranger I’m assuming his friend in real life based off how ok he was with edgelords antics.

Almost immediately the edgelord is being creepy towards my friend. Like even during character creation he was hitting on her and telling her how she’s “much hotter than all the other girls he’s ever seen.” And how he can’t believe she’s actually into D&D. And how much money she could make if she did porn. My friend dismissed him gently because she’s a nice person who wants to have people like her and doesn’t like to cause drama, but I tried to get him to lay off. To which he only said things like how I’m just jealous of what they have going on and that I’m just sick of being in the friend zone.

After a few hours of questing to rid a town of a cult we find ourselves in the tavern, as all adventuring parties do. The table seemed ok so far other than when edgelord was hitting on my friend but nothing too atrocious yet. I’m drinking with the dwarf and my friend is singing to earn our beer money. Out of nowhere the edgelord approaches her from behind between songs

Edgelord: “you’re so sexy when you sing. Wonder how much sexier you’d be moaning my name” Friend:”…um, what?” Edgelord (ooc) maintaining intense eye contact with my friend: I persuade her to let me f!@k her stupid. DM: roll persuasion

I’ve asked my friend for permission to write this. She had had an abusive relationship that resulted in a suicide attempt and a restraining order. I know this, so since she now has a lot to deal with mentally, I try to shut this s!@t down.

Me to DM: seriously? You’re just going to let this happen? DM clearly wanting to see how this plays out: I’m not doing anything. It’s the dice and players that decide everything.

They roll and of course my friends charisma based bard rolls higher than the edgelords rogue by like 10 after bonuses.

DM: the bard is mildly aroused by his words but doesn’t want to cause a scene

What. The. F!@k

Edgelord: I guide her to a dark corner behind the bar out of eyesight of everyone else and pin her to the wall DM: roll strength (we were too lazy to look up the rules for grappling) Both my friend and edgelord had strength as a dump stat but the rogue won the roll Celebrating and laughing and excitement from around the table except for us. Edgelord: I start to remove my pants and… He proceeds to very descriptively explain how he’s about to [sexually assault] my friend

My friends has more or less shut down. She just pulls out her phone and starts scrolling which gets a mean look from the DM

I interject (ooc): does my character see any of this? DM: roll perception Nat 20 DM: “you see the bard and rogue go behind the bar to get freaky” the table except for me and my friend continue laughing at how he says freaky Me: I go over to them and pin the rogue against the wall Edgelord: getting a little jealous there Orky Orkerson (he played a racist character a bit too well and at some point even asked the DM what that worlds version of the N word for orcs was, which is what he called me but I forgot what it was) DM: roll strength with disadvantage since you’re drunk

My friend: wouldn’t he get a constitution save to see if he’s actually drunk before then? DM: sighs “fine” Constitution save was over 20 after bonuses. Strength was over 20 as well. Half orc barbarians are kinda made for this

DM, defeated: you successfully throw him to the wall Me to the edgelord now: are you cheating on me?! Edgelord:…what? Me: this whole time we’ve had a thing and now you run off to be with her?! Edgelord, both in character and out: dude, I don’t know what you’re talking about. I’m definitely not gay Me:,what about all those things you killed for me? They write epic love poems in my culture about that kind of stuff!

There’s a few exchanges where he tries to prove he’s not gay but my orc twists it into something a barbaric orc would think is cute.

My friend: I turn and leave them to they’re lovers quarrel

DM: I think that’s enough Me to DM: I thought it was just the dice and players who decided. DM, dumbfounded by me using his own words against him: o…k? Me: “I take off my pants…”

I proceed to say everything edgelord just said about what his character was doing to my friends. My friend is giggling her ass off and the dwarf and edgelord just leave the table in a sour mood. DM packs up as I’m still elaborating and the game ends prematurely. Worth it since we would have left soon because this incident anyway, but was nice to turn the tables on “that guy”

TL;DR a player tried to [sexually assault] my friends character, I [sexually assault] him instead


DM Patrick: Me as I was reading this: smile.

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