Found the Group Chat Trying to Sleep With Me – and Two More Stories

that guyPosts from three different users today. Each one horrific in their own right.

I, DM Patrick, have gone through and redacted or changed a few of the adult terms because I want this site to always be family-friendly. If ever you find anything that I post here to be something that you wouldn’t want your child to read, please let me know and I’ll mark it as such or outright remove it. These horror stories are otherwise unedited and I take no credit for them.


Found the Group Chat Trying to Sleep With Meboundaries

From user: u/atleastnine

This might be a little long because a few things happened during the campaign.

First off, for the longest time I was the only girl in a party of 7. Although this isn’t as dramatic or as awful as other stories, it still makes me angry when I think about it.

About three years ago I made a post on Instagram offering to DM 5e for anyone that was interested because my previous party had split up after leaving college. I was quickly approached by an old highschool friend, Jack, who said he had a group gathered, I was welcome to come and meet everyone and decide if we all got on well. Jack was always very sweet in highschool, so I agreed and we all met at his flat that weekend to play a few non dnd related games together and get pizza. After a few hours we started talking about character ideas, rules, etc… I suggested we talk about our boundaries in game so everyone knew what we were getting into. I’m a relaxed DM, I don’t mind if a player decides they want to sleep with the barmaids as long as it doesn’t f!@k with the game. The only thing I said I would not do, period, was [sexual assault]. Everything else is at the discretion of everyone. This is important to know.

Fast forward to actually playing. I’m not sure if other people have done this before, but I ran the death house part of curse of Strahd for about 4 sessions, till everyone was comfortable playing together, then homebrewed a campaign from that. The guys were all pretty great up until this point, however one of them (we’ll call him Mike) began to make a few awkward comments to me.

Mike decided to play a Bard, and took my “I don’t care if you hook up with npc’s” very seriously. He tried to f!@k Every. Single. Female. It got to the point where I had to speak with him out of game, he got very passive aggressive by telling me I had already said it was ok. Despite this, he did calm down a bit and we continued playing. A few sessions later, Mike tries to [sexually assault] a female orc while she’s restrained and unconscious as the party were elsewhere. I’m not even sure of his motive here, but he tried to make his explanations of his actions vague enough that they weren’t specifically [sexual assault], but obviously were anyway. I stopped the game immediately and told him if he didn’t quit it, he was out for the rest of the session. He laughed with his buddies and then stopped.

Later that night, he sent me a handdrawn picture of an orc, clearly modelled after myself, with his character grabbing her boobs. I told him that s!@t was inappropriate and he wasn’t welcome at the next session.

damnit mike

Damnit, Mike. It’s always you, even when it isn’t.

The next day he called me in tears, saying he was really sorry and had drank way too much the night before. He also admitted he had a crush on me, but didn’t know how to convey that. I politely told him I was flattered but not interested, and let him back into the party. The rest of the party had been trying to convince me to let him back into the game because he “hadn’t done that much wrong anyway”. Yes, I’m an idiot. Apart from that event, I had been having fun with that campaign.

Mike is no longer a douchebag at that session, he’s quiet and one of the guys tells me that I embarrassed him and now he’s struggling to connect. Not my problem.

Fast forward a few more weeks and things are getting weird again. Two more members of the party have attempted asking me out on dates, I once again politely decline and carry on. The sessions are now a little awkward for me, because all of the guys are flirting with pretty much every female Npc I place in the game. Slowly but surely, within a week another guy confesses his love to me. I’m no longer enjoying the session, so I plan on finishing up one story branch and then calling it a day with the campaign and leaving.

Not even a day later, Jack sends me about 20 screenshots from a private group chat of the boys.

They literally had bets on who could sleep with me first [emphasis mine]. The entire group chat was discussing ways they could flirt or seduce me, a few screenshots of my own conversations between them, etc… It was so awful to look at because I thought these guys had actually been enjoying my sessions, but I was basically just there as a game myself. Jack told me he was incredibly sorry he hadn’t said anything sooner, and that he was about to pull out of the campaign because of them.

I told the party over discord that I knew what was going on and that I was disgusted and would not DM for them again, I think I added in that none of them were even close to being physically attractive to me, and then I left.

It’s been a while since this happened, but I still haven’t heard from any of those guys again.

That Guy tries to turn my Homebrew setting into an Anime land

from user: AllstarHorror

I manage a DnD 5e server in a homebrew setting. There’s a rule we have where if a character is from some place like Faerun they got teleported to the setting of the server via an eldritch horror, since the setting is an echo of the Material Plane.

A new player joined, who everyone swore was under 18 (against the rules) by his spastic personality and his inability to be patient since it is a pbp server. Within a week I had to talk to him about chilling out about having to wait his turn. He ended up stopping his outburst of impatience, however, his turns lasted how much time the rest of the party would take together because he never thought about his next move and questioned every single step. It was apparent that he was brand new, but would get defensive when we’d help him out and start to talk to him about his options. Eventually we backed off because this guy apparently played 3rd Edition and 4th edition and was a veteran.

So we endured because he made two characters that seemed to be great for RP and fit into the world. Then he shortly ditched them and instead made a Bard who was going to be a “God and supreme ruler via charms.” I informed him immediately that the Lord of the town is actually immune to charms (being a Feypact Warlock, and an old character of mine) so his plan may not go as intended. He ended up giving up on it immediately after hearing that, dying and making another Bard with the same name and spells, personality, even the same mask. Literally with ‘the 2nd’ tacked on.

He then decided to scrap him shortly after and make his last character on the server. This was literally a character from some anime, I think 7 Deadly Sins. He then used the ancient eldritch background to say that his character was pulled directly from the anime and brought here. He declared himself a Sin and a Deity, despite my setting having Deities already, and bragged about the build I helped him with because “I’m super powerful, I can do over 20 damage with my attack.”

We then had a discussion that, no, the rule for any characters with a background from Faerun doesn’t transfer to wanting to take a character from an anime and bring it into the game,and as DnD players we surely can show more creativity than blatant plagerism, and that his request to have a questline where we go out and find the other Sins and bring them together to rule over the land was not going to happen. He proceeds to get mad, tell me off, then leave the server.

The player made it only about three weeks on the server and it still completely baffles me that some people come into a game of imagination with absolutely no plans for creativity.

You should be a good DM in and out of session.

from user: CAPIreland

I’ll be paraphrasing what my friend (called K from now on) told me about his new DM, but he doesn’t use reddit, so I’ve been allowed to pass on his story.

K was added to the group chat, and the DM set about explaining a few things. First off, he’d never played 5E before, but had been in a pathfinder campaign for around 6 years. Not awful, but why not just run pathfinder then? Well, next, the DM tells them to use standard array for their characters, but to make the 8 a 6, and the 15 a 16. And also that one of their skills would be at a -6 for ‘’fun’’. K complies, and tells the DM he’ll be running a Samurai Fighter Aasimar. DM agrees, and begins talking about nerfing the fighter class ‘’so they don’t have too many attacks turns’’, as well as the Aasimar race. K is confused, and asks why. ‘’I don’t want my players to be op.’’ Claims the DM, somehow unaware that he can literally make all the town guards dragons if he wanted to. Being OP is dependent on the DM, not the players. But ok. DM also tells K that his character story was too complex, and to simplify it down to a 20-word summary. K refuses, and simply doesn’t tell the DM anything else about his planned character, but changes their class to totem warrior barbarian. Level 5. DM tells him to pick 3 resistances, and that all he gets. K refuses. DM gets angry, and says totem warrior is OP. K reminds him he can make the water boil, the sky turn black, and kill them all instantly if he wants to. Stop nerfing things you don’t understand.

He also tells players they can’t bring phones. Not that they can’t use them during play. They can’t physically bring their phones. One player is an on call Doctor, and says so in the messenger chat, explaining he needs it in case something happens. DM tells him it’s his choice: DnD, or his work (and, coincidently, another person’s life possible). DM then tells group not to bring chocolate as he’s on a diet. One player asks why his diet should matter to their food. He claims he’s entitled to their snacks and won’t want to take their chocolate. (K later said everyone only brought chocolate to the first session).entitled DM

Get to session 1. DM has recruited a 6 man party: 3 rogues, 1 barbarian, 1 wizard, 1 cleric. Odd, but fine. DM then goes on for 1.5 hours about the setting, but in odd detail. ‘’He talked about the wall of the city, which is just a stone border wall, dividing the city from the desert, for 10 minutes, telling us the shape of the rocks it was made of, where it changed colour, and odd stuff, but not things like how high it was, if the city was all inside of it, if it had guard ramparts or anything actually useful. He also went on for 5 minutes about a barmaids dress, but not a single detail about the barmaid, nor the bar.’’ Messaged K. Also, he’s homebrewed a world, but made no maps, so he illustrates it all in pencil drawings on his A5 notebook.

They get to playing, and the DM railroads the characters hard. They speak to each other once before another 40 minute rant begins and they are forced into a contract, and a subsequent fetch quest. When they get to combat, the first combat is 10 bandits armed with hand crossbows, doing 5 damage a hit. On their first round they down and kill the Cleric. Cleric gets pissed, but DM tells him ‘’It’s like dark souls!’’ At this the party leaves. The DM clearly has no idea that that sort of campaign (where dying, making characters, and generally winning though tight learnt coordination) is not generally suited for DnD. He gets pissed and tells the party that if they don’t sit down he’ll be pissed. Party leaves.

TBH, I thought K was exaggerating for most of this, but he recorded part of the almost 2 hour intro monologue with his phone (he snuck it in, and handed the DM his old one as a decoy). The guy has no fucking clue what he’s doing, but keeps hushing people when they tried to ask a question, or control their character. Please don’t be this guy.

Update: Hey all, just a few updates: K is thrilled you’ve all justified his annoyance, so now he’s happy that he knows he was in the right. He’s not comfortable releasing the audio publicly, as there might be something legal if it was found or whatever, so he’s asked I don’t, and I’m going to honour that. But he has given us a few more tasty bites just to throw in. Since, one of the parties two rogues and he are now thinking of co-dming a game (idk how, but apparently they like the idea). This co-dm/rogue also told K that the DM kept making him alter his characters backstory, and during the session kept telling him that ”your character would not do that”, essentially telling the player they weren’t playing their character right. K was told his character could not pick up a gnome who was annoying him. When asked why, he was told ”its not you can’t, but you won’t” for some reason. The rogue was also told by the wizard (seems they were also playing Chinese whispers) that all the wizards spells were chosen by the DM and not the player. He gave the DM the back story, and then got a list of spells he’d get for each level. There was no choice. But they’re all chatting about it, I think some have seen this post, and they’ll hopefully all meet up for this co-dmed game and not the hell they suffered from before.

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