Dungeons and Dragons Gifts – Best Gift Ideas For 2019

Do you play Dungeons and Dragons?

Yes? Then scroll down, find something you like, link it to someone you know, and roll Persuasion to convince them to buy it for you.

No? You should. If you wish to learn about the concept, it may help you to pick out a gift. Check out this here.

Do you know someone that plays Dungeons and Dragons? Of course, you do, that’s why you’re here!

Below you will find a list of some of the absolute best Dungeons and Dragons gifts, or ideas to get Inspiration.

The Best Gifts For Dungeons and Dragons Players

Dice and Dice Bags

Hands down, the most common gift will be dice. There’s a set out there for everyone! If you want to learn more about dice, then make sure you read my post that teaches you the importance of balanced and fair dice. Linked to that article, you’ll also find a long list of reviewed items that may not be included on this list, but still make fantastic gift ideas.Rainbow Metal DiceMy absolute favorite set is this rainbow set by DNDND. They are heavy, well-balanced, and beautiful. The artwork on the case is also visually appealing. If you don’t like the design, the have over 40 different designs to choose from.

best cheap diceIf metal dice aren’t your thing, or the are out of your price range, then check out Amazon’s favorite. That’s right, you get 5 dice sets, each with their own little bag, and a larger bag to keep them all in – all less than $10. These won’t be as well-crafted as much of the other dice I recommend, but it’s still a great gift (or stocking stuffer) for your special someone.

If you don’t like either of those recommendations, I go over a LOT more dice and dice bags here – be sure to check it out.

dnd miniature

Umbalk, “The Shadow” – edgiest edge-lord.


Along with dice, you can’t go wrong with a miniature, since the change with every character. Because these are so personable, the folks over at Hero Forge know how to do things. They’ll let you customize your mini and 3d print it out for you. Head on over there and purchase a gift card. It’s hard to see, but there’s a little gift icon on the bottom row of the screen. If you DO go this route, don’t forget that these minis are UNPAINTED, so scroll down below to see my recommended paint sets.

Clothing, Blankets, Pillowcases, Oh My!

I know that I mention this in my other post, but this is my absolute favorite item. The people over at Skullsplitterdice.com are very personable and have some great products. They have two more of these fleece robe blankets to choose from, but the Robe of Misplacement is my favorite.

dnd slippersThese plush slippers are great to wear around the house if you’re hosting a game or just trying to sneak some food out of the fridge. They have little grippers on the soles to mitigate slipping, and fit most sizes.

d20 necklaceThis D20 on a necklace is sold by a single artist, Chained Creativity, and she has several designs to choose from. It’s simple, and an easy way to show off to others how much to love DND!

dnd socksThese socks by Bioworld go well with the footies I mentioned above. They are labeled as a Dad gift, but I’ve seen my best friend’s wife wear hers on countless occasions.

These pajama pants by Bio World are a cotton and polyester blend. I wish the had a pajama top to go with it, but I couldn’t find one. Look below though, because there are plenty of hoodies to choose from!


druid class hoodie dndThese class-based hoodies are perfect for that one person you know that always plays the same class. Look around, the have several designs to choose from, and the phrases are witty.

d20 atomD20 Atom Hoodie: I was a nuclear electronics technician when I was in the Navy, and my rating symbol was a helium atom – so the atom symbol has special sentimental value for me.

The Dice Giveth, and the Dice Taketh Away:

i have a plan dnd hoodieDon’t Worry, I Have A Plan: This one is perfect for some of my players… They always think they have the perfect plan, which very quickly becomes more like a circus act of ridiculous failures as things more often than not fall apart.

Know that person that refuses to play a caster? These two are humorously appropriate:

dnd hoodie i cast axe

I Cast Axe

dnd hoodie i would like to rageI Would Like to Rage

dnd hoodie aint no party like a dnd partyAin’t No Party Like a D&D Party This one’s tried and true, and it ALSO has a matching coffee mug available.dnd party mug coffee


Cheaper than hoodies, and you can wear them year-round. Here’s a few of my favorites.

dnd shirt orc massageOrc Massage

choose your weapon dice dnd shirt

Choose Your Weapon Wisely

natural 20s dnd shirtAll Natural


d20 throw blanketThis D20-shaped throw blanket is 52″ by 60″. Large enough to cover up all but Goliaths, or it can serve as a nice couch or chair cover decoration. It’s a must for any D&D enthusiast.

old school dnd blanketThis old-school Dungeons & Dragons blanket is sure to please your veteran player, or anyone else wants something more “vintage” in design. It’s 48″ X 60″ and 100% polyester.

dnd fire giant throw blanketThis fire giant throw blanket is less common, so chances are higher that your special person won’t have seen it, much less even have one. It’s also 48″ by 60″ and made by Bioworld, so you know it’s a quality product.

dnd pillow case orc massageIf you’re using a blanket, you’re probably using a pillow. Here’s an 18″x18″ pillow case (pillow CASE ONLY). It’s got a delivery time of 7-15 days though, and you’ll have to stuff it with your own stuffing… but that just makes it all the more personal. If you don’t like the design, at least you have the idea!

Board Games

Sometimes it’s just too hard to get everyone together for a 3-5 hour long session of D&D, or maybe you’re just burnt out on pillaging dungeons and slaying dragons in the “normal” fantasy way. Check out one of these board games.

ravenloft board game dndCastle Ravenloft

This is the most popular board game available right now. It has nearly 300 ratings and 4.5 stars. Possibly the best part is that it can be PLAYED SOLO or up to 5 players, just in case your friends bailed on you or you need to scratch your adventuring itch between sessions.

legend of drizzt board game dndLegend of Drizzt

Is equally popular as Castle Ravenloft, and can ALSO BE PLAYED SOLO or up to 5 players. Drizzt is one of the most iconic characters in the D&D universe, created by author R. A. Salvatore.

dungeon of the mad mage dnd board gameDungeon of the Mad Mage

This is another game with hours of replay ability and can be played solo or up to 5 players. Dungeon of the Mad Mage is one of the largest dungeon crawls available in the most recent edition of Dungeons and Dragons.

wrath of ashardalon dnd board gameWrath of Ashardalon

This is one of the most successful board games made that is officially licensed (as are all the others) by Wizards of the Coast. As with those discussed above, Wrath of Ashardalon can also be played with 1-5 players and can occupy a few hours of adventuring.

There are plenty of other board games available, but I wanted to showcase the ones that can be played solo. All too often are players wanting to play some good ol’ D&D but can’t get a group of friends together to do so. Adulting is a difficult task – sometimes you must adventure alone.

For Your Favorite Dungeon Master

Have a friend that is the “Forever DM”? Sow your thanks and appreciation with some of these gifts. Who knows, it may get you some in-game benefits?

Dungeon Master Hoodies

when the Dm smiles dnd hoodieWhen the DM Smiles, it’s already too late. Players know this all too well, but why not remind them and make them just a little more nervous.

because im the DM dnd hoodieBecause I’m the DM. This isn’t my favorite phrase to say, but it’s a little funny. I may be giving away a million-dollar idea here, but someone needs to make a hoodie or shirt with a similar design that says “Forever DM.” In my search, I came across 0.

sword initiative tracker dndAdd some flavor to your table with this Laser Cut Acrylic Initiative tracker. It’s a better way to track initiative than most tables use. You can also get custom-made name badges that fit from Etsy or elsewhere. Using wet or dry erase markers, simply write your party member or monster’s name on one of 12 included blank flags and flip the flag to the opposite side as turns are taken. The Magic Circle Base measures 2.7 inches in diameter, and the acrylic sword stands approximately 12.4″tall. It’s stable enough to stand on its own, but won’t dominate your table if you don’t have a lot of space. You’d DM will be happy to add this to the table, and BONUS: it helps YOU too with speedier play.

dnd dm beer mug steinThe DM Stein / Tankard

This wooden beer mug has a stainless steel inner coating and is well insulated. Colder [favorite beverage] for longer! This hold up to 22 fluid ounces and BEST OF ALL: WildMugs will PERSONALIZE the mug for you.

five liter viking horn dnd drinkAnd my personal favorite, the handcrafted FIVE LITER polished drinking horn. I bought one of these for myself and my best man and we’ve used them for quite some time. If 5L is too much for you, the make smaller (and less expensive) versions. If you slam one of these bad boys down on the table, or walk around with it, there is no issue with establishing dominance and cool factor in the immediate vicinity.


legend of drizzt salvatore dnd booksAny fantasy book will be a great gift for a D&D player, especially nowadays because the are so readily available through different mediums. Buy them a tangible book, an e-book, or an audio book. For anyone that hasn’t read the Drizzt novels that I mentioned above, I recommend one of the trilogies by R. A. Salvatore. Personally, I recommend The Dark Elf Trilogy and then The Legend of Drizzt Trilogy. Both are great, and you can enjoy them exclusively without reading any of Salvatore’s other books. However, there is a great price break if you buy the set of 13 all at once.

Ultimate RPG Character Backstory Guide

rpg backstory guide dndThe utility of this one 272 page book should not be underestimated. Too many players come to the game not knowing how to design a good character. Believe me, I have 20+ years experience in the hobby: the better a backstory is and the more connected a player is to their character, the better the experience will be, more memories, and just overall joy. If you were to buy one item from this list for a player, and the like to read and create characters, then BUY THIS BOOK. It’s a #1 bestseller on Amazon for a reason.

rick and morty vs dungeons and dragons dndFans of Rick and Morty AND Dungeons & Dragons?

Then this is T-T-T-THE GIFT, Morty! Play D&D through the lenses of the mad narcissistic genius, Rick Sanchez, from the animated Cartoon Network series, Rick and Morty—the Rick Way! This tabletop roleplaying game boxed set blends the world of Dungeons & Dragons with mad narcissistic genius, Rick Sanchez’s power gaming sensibilities, nostalgia, sarcastic meta commentary, and the reasons why people play D&D in the first place.

Wall Art

roll for initiative dnd posterMaybe your giftee has everything the need, and the spent all their money on dice, books, and Dungeons and Dragons Miniatures but have bare walls? Nothing says “I PLAY D&D!” like a big poster that says “Roll for initiative!” Admittedly, nothing says “I PLAY D&D!” like a poster that literally states “I PLAY D&D!” I could find no such poster, unfortunately.

roll for initiative dnd posterAlternatively, with a bit more imagery:

dnd knowledge posterHere’s another option as well, in case initiative isn’t your forte.

D&D Knowledge

There’s also some beautiful painting murals available, usually showing some fantastic scenes of grandeur and wonder.

skyrim wall artThis one here technically depicts a Skyrim setting, but it’s still sure to impress anyone that plays Dungeons & Dragons.

game of thrones fire and ice wall artGame of Thrones Dragons:

knight fighting dragon wall artKnight Fighting Dragon:


I like to think I’m pretty good at categorizing stuff, but these items here just didn’t seem to belong in any of the groups above. They still deserve love and attention, though!

dnd glassesThese glasses come as a pair and hold 16oz each. These are PREMIUM drinking glasses with HIGH-QUALITY artwork and are meant for hand washing ONLY and is not microwave safe. They are made of clear thick glass our pint glass are ‘extra’ durable, the won’t chip or break so easily.

dnd christmas ornamentMy wife loves unique ornaments instead of covering the Christmas tree with a myriad of mundane bulbs. Here’s one to help show off your tree decorating skills.

dnd character casednd character caseThis Character Case Gaming Organizer is an all-in-one tabletop organizer. It’s a great gift that covers multiple necessities:

  • Provides a soft cushy spot to store your dice
  • Provides a nice, quiet, dice-rolling tray
  • Paper storage
  • Character sheet display and spell lists or spell cards
  • Store several miniatures
  • Pen/pencil slot

Unfortunately, I think Blue is the only color the offer for now.






dnd miniatures paint setIf you’re going to get some miniatures, or know someone that likes painting them and has their own collection, then get them one of these two paint sets.

This one here comes with 50 different colors and has nearly 500 positive reviews.

dnd miniatire paint setThe other option for paint sets is less pricey, so it comes with less paint, but it also comes with a miniature and is a good “starter set” to give someone. You can also upgrade to the complete bundle, adding 38 more colors, another miniature, and a few other goodies.

dnd candleThe Folks over at CantripCandles.com offer a variety of scents to help add ambiance to your game, and the come with a metal D20 inside as well. The scents range from “Adventurer’s Bounty,” to “A Walk in the Woods.” I’ve not smelled any of them, because I have an odd fear of candles… But the came highly recommended. Don’t judge me, I just don’t want all that candle wax stuff in my lungs. I’ve seen what it does to walls.

dnd dice soapMaybe you know someone that needs a twenty-sided die AND needs some soap? Get them this, and maybe the’ll get the hint!

My final gift suggestion is to commision some artwork of the player’s character, or of the whole group. At this time, I have no particular artist to recommend, but there are countless artists out there just hoping to get to draw something for you. A quick online search for “dnd art commission” will bring you about 8.5 million results. Happy hunting.

How Do You Know Which Gift Is The Right One?

As I said above, you can’t go wrong with dice. Every player, as well as the Forever DM, loves a new set of dice. Tangentially, a dice bag is almost always a welcome addition, unless the already have one. Personally, I was given an amazing dice bag years ago (the one linked above), and it’s the only one I have used since. There’s a bag up there that comes with 7 sets of beautiful and balanced dice, so you get the best of both worlds in one fairly-priced package.

If your friend is a Dungeon Master, or a passionate player with a lot of material, then the adventurer’s bag is the way to go. It’s well-crafted, and sure to make others jealous. It’s also a gift that keeps on giving, because your recipient will continue to use it for years and will always be reminded from whom the received the gift.

Clothing and other apparel is good if your giftee loves to show off their inner nerd. My personal favorite is the colorful dice tie.

Regardless of the gift you get, your giftee is sure to love it. I’ve always loved getting gifts affiliated with the hobby, and I love showing it off even more.

What do you think?

Did I forget anything? Do you have any recommendations? Be sure to comment below with your thoughts and ideas. If you ended up getting one of these gifts, LET US KNOW what you thought!

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  1. These are excellent gift list for avid players of Dungeons and Dragons.
    I’m very much interested in the rainbow set of DNDN, it’s colorful, beautiful and appealing. I never played these games before, but I have a friend who has these types of collections. I’ll be sharing this post to him, he would be pleased I’m sure.

    Thank you so much for sharing,

    • Thanks for taking the tiem to comment, Lyn. Those are my favorite set of dice to recommend right now because of their quality and color. Glad I could help, and I hope you spread the word!

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