DND Dice and Paraphernalia-Reviews and Gift Ideas

glitter blue and gold metal dice

Now that you know all there is to know about dice, I have a few sites and items that I think you should check out. I’m affiliated with most of these sites, but not all. This means that if you follow the link provided and buy something, I get a commission. This DOES NOT MEAN that you pay extra, it just helps sustain the site and ongoing development of the quality content I aim to provide.


Assuming you read the guide above and that’s what brought you here, my first site recommendation is GameScience.

They sell dice from all over and other manufacturers, but the brand I want to focus on is their own. Here are some of the more interesting items from their site:

Pirate’s Treasure – 1 pound of dice (120 dice)pirate gem dice

I’ve purchased 2 sets of these and loved them. They aren’t inked, so you get to paint/ink the numbers on yourself. They are also nearly half the price of the standard “factory firsts.”

From the site:

These GEMs are a beautiful assortment of GameScience® dice that for one reason or another were not worthy of the IF(flawless), VVS(very, very slight inclusions); could be because of a vacuum bubble, discoloration, speck of foreign matter(i.e. dust, particle of metal, different color material).  The good news for GameScience® fans is that the dice still roll with randomness, still have precision sharp edges and have a beautiful GEM like look”

It even includes some d16s and d24s. Why would you use them? I don’t know, they aren’t mathematically considered fair (something you might have learned from this post).

If you like adopting dice, and marking them, this is for you! It gave me a closer connection to the dice because I felt like I gave them a chance by purchasing them, and I also got to stylize my numbers how I wanted.

d24 d-total

Another interesting bit that GameScience offers is the “D-Total” dice. I have one of these as well that I purchased out of curiosity. It doesn’t replace all of my dice, but it’s fun when I make my rolls in sight as a DM and the player’s don’t know which data is relevant. The White w/Black version is “limited edition” because they will only be printed in Red w/White and Black w/White. Apparently this thing can simulate up to having 240 sides. Do you need that? I dunno, but it’s cool.

Check out the site, I’m currently unaffiliated with them, but if they have THIS thing over there, it’s safe to assume they have some other things you might not have seen.


Skullsplitter is my go-to website first. They are fast, reliable, and personable – hand-written Thank You notes! They also have some unique items that feel great along with high quality! They are small and veteran-owned (a huge plus to me). They also have a “Buy One Give One” program. If you buy certain sets of dice and use the code HEROISM when you check out, they’ll donate a set of dice to a High School Dungeons and Dragons club.


First up is my absolute favorite item on their site, and it’s not even dice. I present to you the “Robe of Misplacement”  hooded blanket. It’s styled and named after a creature that is totally not trademarked or copyrighted.robe of misplacement

Do I have one, no. Would I like one? Yes. Would I use it? I live it Florida; I would use the tentacles off of this thing for all four days it drops below 80 degrees here. They have other cloak/blankets too, but this one is clearly the best, so long as you don’t displace it.

Of COURSE they have some high-quality dice, but you can get dice anywhere. I’d rather talk about style. Skullsplitter has some “class specific” dice and dice boxes like their banner up above. Move quick though, because they sell out even quicker. As I’m writing this review, they are out of the Dwarven Chest set. They do have a neat Wizard set with a case that looks like a spell book. I was gifted one of these by a player and I really like how solidly crafted the box is.

wizard dice

The grimoire opens and is a cozy home for your dice.

If you’ve already got a set of favorite dice, you can just buy the case.

In celebration of the new Eberron book and the Artificer class (Eberron: Rising from the Last War), I recommend this steampunk skull. It comes with several sets of dice, both plastic and metal. You can’t tell form the image, but if you follow the link you’ll see that it’s also a DICE BOX! One of my players that I DM for at a local hobby shop brought this in and it’s surprisingly well-crafted and isn’t as heavy as it looks. It’s a great set of multiple dice, a great place to keep them, and adds nice ambiance to the table.steam punk dice and dice box

And finally a quick blurb about their best-seller and something I buy at least every year: The Blind Bag. It’s random, and that’s what I like about it. It’s also a whole set with a metal die for less than $10. You sometimes get stuff that’s out of stock or not yet available. Cute little sack included, and who doesn’t love a cute sack?mystery blind bag


If Chessex had a different name, it would be what dice are called. I’m referring to things that are so successful, that the brand replaces the actual house-hold name of the item. Like what Band-Aid did for the adhesive bandage, Q-tip for the cotton swab, or what Coke did for coke. Chessex has been at it a while, and if anyone knows how to pump out dice, it’s these guys. You want inexpensive dice? This is usually your best bet. You want a lot of inexpensive dice? Then say hello to my little friend: The Chessex Pound-O-Dice. These are about 1/3 of the price of the GameScience Pirate Box I reviewed above. Before you go rushing off though, remember what we learned from my last post about the importance of good craftsmanship, manufacturing, and balanced dice. You don’t get the sweet Pirate’s Chest with this, but you do get the same amount of dice. The huge Pro is that it’s cheap. The con is that you’re going to get nothing but randoms, probably 2nd or 3rd tier factory rejects.chessex pound of diceIf you are looking to build your collection in an inexpensive way the Chessex Pound-O-Dice is certainly a good way to do that. The set gives you approximately 100 factory-second dice. The number of dice will vary for each size.

What you get is a variety of styles and colors and may include 6, 8, 10, 12, 20 & 30 sided dice with quantities weighted in favor of d6’s, d10’s, and d20s. Colors that may show up in the pack are speckled, marble, rainbow, opaque and translucent. The set does include one full set of 7 in a random color.

If you are not familiar with factory seconds, it usually consists of dice that didn’t quite meet the quality standards to make it into an individual 7 piece set. Cosmetic blemishes don’t always mean the dice will not be accurate but it is great to keep this in mind when purchasing the set.

It is not uncommon to receive dice with air bubbles, minor surface imperfections, and other blemishes. That said if you want to build a nice collection of dice sets this is a great start. You will certainly find a few gems of the bunch you can set aside from the other dice showing much more imperfections in them.  If you’ve been to a hobby shop or somewhere else that sells gaming dice, you’ve probably seen Chessex for sale. They usually are on display and sold in little rectangular packages like this glow-in-the dark set here. You NEED THESE if you’re playing DND under the blankets or in a cave Hopefully your character sheet glows in the dark, too..

chessex glow in the dark

“Best Quantity For Price”

Here’s the “Bag of Devouring” by Wiz Dice. It comes with the neato bag, holds all 20 GUARANTEED COMPLETE SETS with room for probably another 15 sets or so.bag of devouring dice


Some of the interesting things this bag offers include

  • TONS OF TREATMENTS: solids, translucents, swirls, glitters, translucent swirls, glitter swirls…
  • Find every treatment from Wiz Dice Series II: Alchemic Oddities. Features 20 colors named by Wiz Dice community members such as Basilisk Blood, Arcane Aura, and Stardust

Have you and your friends chip in on this, and you have enough dice for the whole table. Check out the reviews as well – people are happy with the results. I don’t personally own this set, so I can’t vouch for the accuracy of Wiz Dice.

“Cheapest Set of Dice”

That brings us back to Chessex. Like I said, these guys pump dice out. Without buying in bulk, this set for under $4 is your best bet. Nothing fancy, no frills, but they DO roll. There’s not just one set to choose from, so you have options.cheap gaming dice chessex

You’re Gonna Need A Sack

Almost as important as your dice is the home you keep them in. You may want your dice bag to be big enough to carry all your gaming supplies and not just your dice. Other things might include your spell cards, pens and pencils, and your life counter (these things are pretty handy instead of having to erase a hole into your character sheet). You’ll also want it to have a drawstring or some other way to fasten it shut to prevent it from spilling its load all over the sidewalk or something.

Tried and True: The Purple Sack

Most people use your standard Crown Royal Bag. You can find bags on Amazon that aren’t just purple, and you can buy them without “having to” purchase the whiskey that’s normally kept inside. Do I have one? No, not anymore. You’ll see the one I have down further. I DID use one for YEARS though. I had an unlimited supply while I bar-tended. I was THE MAN when I rolled in to hobby shops, just handing these things out like candy. I’d include a gif of me making it rain purple bags, but I don’t know how. So you get a meme – and you’ll like it.crown royal bag

Critter Sack

This Critter Sack is small and will only hold a couple sets of dice, but sometimes that’s all you want. CZYY offer a few other designs from this Black Dragon’s Eye, and I really hope they make one more resembling a Beholder. This isn’t the cheapest bag you’ll come across (if you want cheap, use a Ziploc bag or a plastic shopping bag), but it’s striking, and made of faux leather so it doesn’t require extra care. It’s also small enough to fit in most pockets. You can buy the bag separate if you like, but you won’t find many glowing metal dice at such a fair price.https://amzn.to/37mADQV

cute sack worship

Love your sack, and it’ll have your back.

My Sack

Where ever I go, people are always screaming for me to show them my sack. here it is, for all the world to see. It was gifted to me as well (I get a lot of stuff form hobby shops and players). The Immense Sack by CardKingPro.

  • I like that it holds so many dice (150+).
  • I LOVE that it has seven pockets to I can all the different types into their own pockets.
  • There ARE different colors (six) to chose from, but I like my pumpkin sack. It stands out even more on Halloween thanks to the Skull drawstrings and design on the side.
  • Speaking of drawstrings, it has one on each side, which appeals to me very much for some reason.
    • Suitcases with two zippers are also appealing.
    • Jackets that have two zippers upset me mildly.
  • The bottom is flat, so it rests upright.
  • Pockets are rigid, so they bulge less – maintaining shape.

Immense dice bag pockets


A great alternative to this one is the smaller, but still well-made, velvet bag made by Dundra. It has 5 pockets on the inside: 4 smaller ones and one large one. I don’t like the design as much as the Immense bag, however, because the sides don’t fold down as readily. This means that if you’re looking for a particular die, you may have to dump the whole bag out if your collection is large.dundra velvet bag

  • It should hold up to 200+ dice
    • I don’t recommend putting more than 100 in it because the pockets will bulge, making it difficult to search around.

Dice Boxes

If you’re going to be rolling those sexy metal dice on my table, you’d better have a dice box or something else to keep it from shattering my glass. You definitely don’t NEED a box, but it makes things less noisy (poly dice as well as metal) and can minimize the occurrences of dice falling off the table. The one I recommend isn’t even a box, it’s this little tray that allows the corners to be fasted together. This is much easier to pack in a backpack or a DM Case. You can then fasten it together with the snaps and it takes up much less space. Dice Tray

Honorable Mentions

Here are some things that are more gimmicks than anything else, but they are dice-related and so I thought you might enjoy them.

The Dice Ring

Nerds don’t get spinning rims, they get spinning dice rings. These things are more durable than they look. The rings are made from 316L stainless steel so they do not rust and are highly durable. The numbers are etched into the ring using patented laser technologies so there is no need to worry about daily wear and tear. They also work like crappy fidget spinners – they don’t spin nearly as well as the good ones, but it’s an interesting fidget-toy. It’s also a good conversation started if you wear it to more than just your sessions. I wore one for a while and learned that a lot more people play table-top games than I thought.


  • Several colors to choose from. (Black, Blue, Gold, Rainbow)
  • Stainless steel, so won’t rust or leave a weird green ring around your finger like cheap jewelry.
  • Good for “on the fly” rolls and more exciting than flipping a coin.


  • Doesn’t spin too well.
  • Takes a bit to break in well.
  • Sizes seem to be slightly smaller than indicated.https://amzn.to/37rkycT

Dice Jail

As often as your dice will work for you, they will work against you. Sometimes, they will utterly fail you – all session. These dice need to be rehabilitated, reformed, and released. That’s what Dice Jail is for. Several folks over on Etsy offer a few to choose from, and I love supporting individual artists. Amazon had one when I checked, but I didn’t like the design. If you’re into 3D Printing, these don’t seem too difficult to make, either. They’re really cheap, and funny, so I have a few – one is not enough. There are many many naughty dice.dice jail

That’s it for dice and dice paraphernalia!

Hopefully you found something you liked, and learned some stuff from the previous post as well!

Here’s some more finger guns for you! *pew pew*

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  1. Hi, if you are a DND player and you are really into it, then dice is a big deal. It really is a brilliant game that people like to get into, and there are a lot of different choices you can make for dice.  Some are beautiful and gorgeous, others are whimsical, others are more on the serious side.

    They can definitely be very pretty and shiny for sure. Your friends will love it, and will be envious of your awesome dice. They will definitely be inspired and want to go buy there own. Refer them to this site to get them the best choices and selection. 


    • Jake, I really appreciate your recommendation. I really have scoured the web and done my best to exhibit some of the best, fair, balanced, well-crafted, and most affordable dice around. And you’re correct – if your friends see your dice and your passion for fair dice, that WILL inspire them to follow suit.

  2. Thanks a lot for this post, dice games have always been what I really have some passion for, but I have no idea, but me seeing this kind of a post you posted about them really got me more being passionate about them, thanks so much for this post and recommendations on how to get them thanks so much they are awesome 

    • Of course, Rose. It’s really uplifting to see that people are being helped and find use in what I’ve provided here. More to come!

  3. Rather an interesting one here. Any DND gamer like me would really know the significant of dice and thank you for sharing every bit of information in line with dices. Truly, this is massive and would be worth giving trial too. Thank you so much for sharing all these here. Making dices in unique and unconventional ways by having the total control on them really seems a great idea to me. Thanks

  4. Dice games have been around for thousands of years. It’s cool to learn more about this ancient form of fun. The idea od Dice Jail is brilliant 🙂 They need to be rehabilitated, reformed, and released. I like that! Thanks for sharing all these great ideas.

    • There are all sorts of “dice shaming” practices nowadays. One of my friends like to put his in an ice cube tray and freeze it between sessions as a “punishment.” Thanks for taking the time to comment!

  5. Wow! So informative on dice… I just didn’t realize how many different kinds there are out there, even though my kids play DND. I am bookmarking this site because it will be a wonderful place to look for dice, or cute sacks (ha ha!) for birthdays, xmas, or just as a nice surprise gift.

    Thanks for providing so much wonderful info on so many items… I love it!

    • You hit the nail right on the head! That’s what I was hoping to provide here. And YES, dice make a wonderful gift for gamers that use them!

  6. HELLO,
    I stumbled on your site quite by accident and found it very interesting….I know very little about dicing but I have to say….you got my interest level up so I’ll be back to explore more on your site. Thanks for sharing.

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