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Greetings, fellow players and DMs! I’m DM Patrick and I’ve been playing tabletop role-playing games for nearly 20 years now. I started in middle school. My mother would drive me to the nearest hobby shop (which was like 20 miles away). Magic: The Gathering was my chosen trading card game at the time, so I’d play a few games and then do my best to not be “that guy” at the D&D table. I doubt I ever was; I’m more of the “just sit back and watch” kind of player rather than the murderhobo/steal-from-and-stab-the-cleric-in-the-neck type of player. Later, I’d skip my last class in high school, which was only Study Hall any way, to run off to my new favorite shop to get set up for the upcoming game.

I spent six years in the Navy on board fast attack submarines as a nuclear electronics technician. I got out to focus more on family life. Immediately, I married a beautiful & intelligent woman; now I have a two-year-old daughter, Aria, and a “DM Patrick Jr.”(no name has been decided yet) on the way at the time of this writing; he’s due February 10, 2020.

Since I’ve been out of the Navy, I’ve diversified. I’ve completed my degree in Electronics Engineering, I’ve purchased, rented, and sold real estate, and I’ve become a full-time Dungeon Master (DM). At my busiest, I was DMing seven weekly games and juggling roughly 40 players. I’ve been DMing for years, but it wasn’t until I “settled down” and started pursuing this venue online that I became passionate about running games and Dungeons & Dragons in general.

I Think It’s Time I Gave Something Back

I’ve spent a myriad of hours reading “how to be a better DM” books, articles, and watched YouTube videos until I was dreaming about “leaving likes and subscribing.” My “social media” is a small, active, and curated Discord server where we often discuss games and just laugh and memes. Some of my channels, though, are dedicated to rule clarifications, world-building, play-by-play games… and more. I’ve become infatuated with providing quality content, games, and resources to my players and fellow DMs on my server.

I’m not sure exactly how I’m going to give back, but I know the exchange of thoughts and ideas is invaluable. Therefore, providing quality and curated content along with anecdotes from years of experience will be the sine qua non for what I do here.

There are So Many Of Us In This Hobby Are Quirky People

I remember struggling to get into Dungeon Mastering, and I want to help other people overcome that stress, that hurdle, and gain the confidence to sit on the other side of the DM screen and be able to grin mischievously at their friends. Whether that is online, or in person, I want to have what people need here – or at least some fun/funny quirky stuff to help us along the way.

All the best and Finger Guns *pew pew*!!!

DM Patrick

Founder of Roll Up A New Character

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DM Patrick

DM Patrick is a 20-year-hardened veteran of the awesome world and hobby that is table-top gaming. His primary passions include DMing for new players and bringing people into the hobby. He considers himself a "RPG Game connoisseur" and a master of none due to the fact that he's tried so many (both table-top and video games). He's been a full-time DM now for nearly 5 years and intends to remain the "Forever DM" for as long as he can survive because he's so passionate about what he does. By day, DM Patrick removes his DM screen and is known to the world as Patrick Flynn. He's a 35-year-old former Navy Submarine veteran from Ocala, Florida. If you want to know more about Patrick, roll investigation.


  1. Awesome introduction post!
    I really enjoy reading DM tips & advice, Especially the “Theory crafting” & how to create an enjoyable game / deal with certain curveballs, So I’m looking forward to reading your articles! 🙂

    • Thanks, Zak. I’m looking forward to writing more content and excited about all of the opportunities that this adventure might bring to all involved!

  2. Hi, Patrick,

    You have an awesome website and a great amount of experience to share with other people.

    While reading your Introductory post, I have found some similarities between your path and my path, although our hobbies are completely different.

    I have also been skipping school classes for the sake of my workouts, just the way as you did in your high school time.

    By the way, congratulations on your beautiful family and your new baby coming soon 🙂

    I wish you pass safely through this process and be all blessed.


    • Thanks for your blessing and support. I didn’t start working out until after high school, now I’m a part-time personal trainer! So, I wouldn’t say our hobbies are completely different… it’s just that Dungeons and Dragons is a creative outlet for me, so I’m much more passionate about it.

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