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Favorite character concept?

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People of RUANC:

What is your favorite character concept that you've played or yet to play so far? If you haven't played it yet, what's stopping you?

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My current character is just awesome to me. A tabaxi artillerist who instead of using turrets has tiny ship and crew. His goal is to eventually restore that crew and get everyone back home to their families etc. The tabaxi lore really fits well with artificier as they are naturally curious creatures who like to tinker with things.


Another concept I've been considering is a  rogue  / herbalist as a surgeon. He would use his medical expertise to strike the enemy with great precision while supporting the team as an off healer. 


I also really like the idea of a Jekyll and hyde / banner and hulk style barbarian. A clever scientist normally but in battle they let "the other guy" take over when they rage. 

And finally I was thinking on an alchemist who instead of potions would make muffins & cakes and their goal would be to be the best baker in the world.  I was watching "The Great British Bake-off" at the time :p